Power Your Fun – Robo T-Rex 

MSRP: $44.99

The Robo Pets toy dinosaur is a fun remote control toy robot that shakes, slides, dances to the beat, performs tricks, chomps, walks around the room, and more. There are two modes, interactive and gesture, allowing for countless hours of play. Be sure to feed your dino with food cards and watch it chomp, or discover more ways to play with the remote!

Smart Teddy


Smart Teddy is a connected soft toy that helps parents teach and engage with their kids and develop good habits. Using Smart Teddy’s innovative system, you can choose an activity, such as brushing teeth,  and have Smart Teddy lead your child through it. Smart Teddy can help kids learn to manage their emotions and even teach them to speak to a trusted adult when they’re having a problem. For each day of the week, Smart Teddy has a unique assortment of fairy tales, poems, and stories. By pressing the button, your child can listen an unlimited number of times.


Wand Controller $79, 1 year unlimited use membership $99. For a limited time, shoppers can pre-order a bundle of the wand and 1 year membership for $99 (a $199 value!)

Amazon Glow’s biggest competitor, a new interactive video chat platform for families that lets kids and their grandparents play like they are in the same room–no matter how far away they are. Filled with interactive games and play-prompts, and enhanced with a motion-sensing wand controller, Kinoo turns video chat into meaningful family time!


MSRP: $179.95+

A kid-safe photo that brings comfort and joy, Troomi is changing the game for kids’ wireless access by creating a curated app-store of expert-approved, Kid-safe apps.  -Protection from online predators, and bullies -No social media or addictive games to cause stress, anxiety and depression -Access to safe KidSmart™ apps that enhance children’s learning and creativity -Schedule phone time and app access for younger kids based on time of day -Troomi keeps kids safe while preparing them for future responsibility!

Force1RC – Scoot Cosmo

MSRP: $24.95

Ultra Bright LED Scoot Drone. Toss to launch, fly with your hands, enjoy the ultra bright LED lights and LED kaleidoscope projections on the ceiling and walls during flight with 360° rotating flight design. 360° Rotating Flight Design: Fly this UFO drone with your hands! Place both hands on both sides of the drone, swipe a hand under when the lights start to blink rapidly, and watch this LED drone perform a 360° flip!