FULL TIME REMOTE – Account Manager


Location: United States
Job Id: 2018-2001
# of Openings: 1
Salary Range: DOE

Brilliant is much different from traditional consumer product agencies. Rather than “staying the course”, we thrive on pushing the bar . We are high energy, fast-paced and a perfect case study in balanced chaos. Your plate will be full. Your ability to prioritize and juggle will be challenged. Your opinion will be sought. But at the end of the day, you will move the needle for your client and have a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

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As an Account Manager at Brilliant PR & Marketing, you have at least five years of direct experience in public relations with an emphasis on media relations. You will be directly responsible for a group of approximately five accounts, 2-3 of which will be larger clients requiring strategic counsel and program development, with 2-3 accounts being smaller in nature, focused primarily on success with media and influencers.

In this role, you are the primary project manager for your teams, ensuring that all tasks, assignments and needs are completed in a timely, high-quality manner. This will require you to be forward-looking, ensuring that nearterm deadlines are met in service of long-term goals. As just one example, you are the person who needs to remember in the spring that it’s time to prepare for long-lead holiday gift guide pitching. Beyond pitching, you will be responsible for overseeing the planning and implementation of tactics and activations that could range from surveys and contests to live media events, video production and creative activations.

In the arena of media/influencer relations, you lead  the development of annual, seasonal and tactical outreach strategies including contact lists. In addition to personally executing a significant share of media/influencer outreach efforts, you are responsible for coordinating the effective use of shared media/influencer relations services at the agency on behalf of your clients. You will be expected to manage your outreach via our internal media outreach and contact management platform. Advanced skill in pitch and press release writing, copy development and general excellence in written communications is a must.

On an ongoing basis for your larger clients, and from time-to-time for your smaller clients, you will need to provide a voice of strategic counsel, industry and competitive perspective. This will range from being a thoughtful and savvy partner in response to questions that may arise during weekly status calls, and also includes assisting with the development of strategic plans and creative programming concepts with the support and direction of your Account Director. Refined skill in the translation of strategies, objectives, tactics and plans into client presentations via Powerpoint and other presentation tools is essential. An understanding of your clients’ bottom-line business goals and objectives is a must.

Your leadership and management are also essential to the success of your junior staff, which could include an Account Executive and/or Account Coordinator. It will be your role to decide how to properly delegate all of the team’s work between yourself and junior staff. You will also need to ensure that junior teammates are successful in monitoring for coverage and reporting the results of our work to clients through standard monthly reporting.

Because we are a remote agency, your ability to remain focused and properly manage your time on your own, while working from home, is critical. This will also require you to heavily utilize  technology such as Google Docs, video conferencing and Glip . 

General Account Management

  • Serve as the primary project manager for all clients you oversee
  • Prepare for and lead regularly-scheduled client status calls, and prepare next steps reports or approve next steps reports prepared by junior staff
  • Ensure that all emails/calls/requests from clients are responded to either by yourself or a junior team member in a timely, appropriate fashion
  • Keep ongoing track of all client activities, objectives and tasks, making daily/weekly updates via a client-facing shared status report
  • Ensure that junior teammates are meeting deadlines, executing client-ready work and that they are aware of and working in support of account objectives
  • Keep an eye on bi-weekly results and goals to ensure the account remains on track against objectives, and working with the AD and junior staff to course correct as necessary
  • Properly manage, mentor and empower an Account Executive to be the primary executor on smaller accounts focused primarily on media/influencer relations

Media/Influencer Relations

  • Oversee all account media relations, creating annual/seasonal/monthly outreach plans as warranted to ensure clients are onboard with efforts and teams are briefed on needs
  • Lead the development of pitches, press releases and other outreach collateral, delegating and collaborating with junior staff as warranted
  • Personally develop and work with junior staff and shared services to develop media/influencer contact and outreach lists
  • Personally execute targeted, top tier media outreach
  • Manage junior staff in planning and implement “mass pitch” outreaches
  • Collaborate with junior staff in responding to daily HARO requests sent to you by shared services within the agency
  • Work with your client and junior staff to ensure that internal documentation of client products and priorities is accurate and up-to-date
  • Work with client to create story ideas, goal outlets/stories and goals
  • Monitor long lead editorial calendars and seasonal story angles to ensure your clients are being included as warranted
  • Endeavor to secure 2-3 organic influencer posts per month, with the support of junior staff
  • Monitor for, research and present client with opportunities for paid influencer engagements and other pay-for-play opportunities, managing client budgets as relevant


  • Collaborate with junior staff on the development of annual awards recommendations, gaining approval from the client on which products to submit to which awards programs
  • Oversee junior staff in the development and submission of awards entries
  • Ensure clients are kept abreast of awards submissions and results

Strategic Planning, Activations and Event Production

  • At the outset of new client engagements, annually, and as requested by clients, brainstorm and present incremental programs such as sponsorships, activations, spokesperson engagements, events, etc. in conjunction with the AD
  • Once sold in, create comprehensive timelines, event management folios, briefing books, runs of show, etc. in support of program implementation
  • Personally execute and work with junior staff to ensure all planning and event development needs are properly managed
  • Track and manage any incremental out of pocket budgets ensuring projects are complete within client-approved budgets
  • Attend and manage events on behalf of clients, ensuring top notch execution
  • Link all activities back to media/influencer relations campaigns, ensuring effective spread of message from events

New Business

  • Participate in the sales prospecting process by assisting in the development of strategic concepts and activation ideas, contributing to the development of sales materials
  • Represent the agency when attending events on behalf of clients, referring any new connections or leads to the sales team
  • Contribute to new business pipeline through existing industry connections and contacts if possible

Reporting & Sampling

  • Personally review client coverage and react as necessary to errors, omissions or other issues with press garnered
  • Be prepared to speak to clients about the value and impact of exposure garnered
  • Review monthly reports developed by junior staff, keeping track of and implementing any specific client reporting needs, and ensuring that the prior month’s reporting is sent to client by 5th of each month
  • Work with clients annually and as necessary to develop hits/impressions goals, in conjunction with the AD for larger accounts
  • Ensure junior staff are properly managing internal media/influencer product sampling procedures, working to maintain the annual samples budget provided by the client

Social Media

  • Work with the social media team to develop social media strategies and activities on behalf of social media clients, seeking to align larger client objectives and activities with social media activities
  • Work with the social media team to review the monthly content of social media clients, ensuring strategic alignment, brand-appropriateness, etc.
  • Actively monitor client’s social media presences, flagging the social media team and clients to any issues, making recommendations for responses as necessary
  • Brainstorm ideas to increase followers, work with influencers, leverage media hits and create custom content to grow the client’s audience

Agency Support

  • Participate in bi-weekly all agency conference calls
  • Participate in weekly all-agency media relations conference calls
  • Participate in periodic all-agency client onboarding calls
  • Endeavor to leverage your own media relations efforts and dialogs to benefit your teammates and other clients on the agency roster, pitching the agency lookbook, etc.

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