You want reviews, we want to get them for you.

We are very proud of our Brilliant Minds panel–which consists of thousands of moms nationwide.  There are a number of things we find out/know about our Brilliant Minds applicants so that we can make sure the product they are reviewing for you is something they need, want or will love!

Once the participants “opt-in” and are accepted (by our team) into the program they receive detailed instructions with purchase link(s), posting due dates, social media hashtags to use, social accounts to tag as well as best practices for social posting like making their post on Facebook public.

We want to expand your reach so if you have a specific hashtag you’d love for us to use, let us know!

Please keep in mind that we are prohibited from directly asking people to review products on Amazon due to their restrictions so we try to make this a very easy and fun process with lots of incentives to get people to follow through with the reviews!


At the start of our program we will review your goals, review your reviews history, and give you an estimate of how many reviews you can likely expect per product per month.

Policies on Amazon Reviews:

We do not compensate reviewers to make a review on Amazon.  We are compensating them for posting on their own social pages and telling their friends about it and we are reimbursing them for the product they purchase from Amazon.  We ask that “if they love your product” they post a positive review.


  • $75 per review; up to 15 reviews per month
  • $65 per review; 16-24 reviews per month
  • $55 per review; 25+ reviews per month

How Billing Works:

  1. We bill you in advance each month for product reimbursement expected for that month.
  2. An invoice is sent with a spreadsheet showing quantity / products etc. Prices are based off the Amazon price point at the time this spreadsheet is created. (Please keep in mind the current price may be a sale price.)
  3. In addition to the product costs we will add a $4 per order to cover taxes and shipping.


You don’t like the review?

The reality is that these are real reviews.  We have no control over what people say.  With that in mind, we do our very best to select great Brilliant Minds participants which sets you up for success (receiving 4-5 star reviews), but this cannot be guaranteed.  Often times we find that rather than posting a negative review, those Brilliant Minds who don’t like a product or have issues will simply let us know privately.  Of course we pass this insight along to you.  It’s actually a very helpful customer feedback loop and rarely “goes public.”

Do they mention in the post that they were paid?

We make sure that each participant knows that they are receiving payment to post about the product on their social media accounts and to talk about the product with their friends. We let them know that they are not being paid to review the product. This helps eliminate a lot of people from making this statement.  If someone does add this to their review we email them to reiterate that fact and we ask them to remove the review. Most of the time they will simply go in and edit their review to remove that statement.

What if participants don’t follow through?

Please know we do our best to make sure each Brilliant Minds participant holds up their end of the agreement but there will be those that forget or just don’t follow through. We do our due diligence to follow up several times to turn the reviews. We also take it very seriously and will drop participants from our Brilliant Minds panel if they fail to hold up their end of the agreement more than once. 

Also, keep in mind that this is a very fluid process so the posts will not always roll in exactly on the due date we request.  There may be some months where you have more or less reviews than you expected to have.